Free Pick-ups & Delivery in Vancouver


What Does Thrift Sister Do?

 We are on a mission to disrupt the fashion industry. 

 Not only do we deliver awesome Thrift Boxes at an awesome price, right to your door, we also pick up your unwanted clothing to sort, sell, donate & repurpose.

Where is Thrift Sister Available?

 We are available in: Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster. With your help we hope to expand into more communities (hint hint...spread the word;)

Is the clothing cool? Good quality?

Yes. We really make sure you are happy and looking great. We wouldn't give you anything we wouldn't be excited to receive ourselves. 

Your style quiz is our way of matching you with great clothing and a great stylist. 

Try us and see. It's risk free. You only pay for what you keep. Here's our Pinterest board for inspiration. 

How much does a Style Box cost?

A Thrift Box usually consists of 6 to 10 items. You pay only for the clothes you choose to keep. Delivery and returns are always free. The prices of the clothes will vary based on what your stylist has chosen for you. You're in complete control of what you keep. 

We pay you upfront for the items we think we can sell for you. The rest we donate, recycle or repurpose. 

How much do I earn from my clothing?

Items sold at:

$5-19.99, Earn 5%-15%

$20 - $49.99 - 15% - 20%

$50 - $99.99 - 20% - 40%

$100 - $199.99 - 40% - 60%

$200 + - 60%

How do you define Thrift Sister's typical customer?

Our customers are all ages and genders, who are motivated by creative style, have a streak of non-conformity against mindless production of more clothing and are savvy when it comes to managing their resources. 

The Thrift Sister community is changing the world. 

Is this a subscription service?

No. We work on a per order basis. You are in complete control.

What is a circular economy?

The idea that by extending the life cycle of clothing, we reduce waste, increase reusability and wisely use our shared natural resources. This will involve all of us.

What is our response to Covid-19?

 We make all clothing pick-ups and drop offs contactless. You leave your clothing out front of your door and we notify you when we are on our way!