Free Pick-ups & Delivery in Vancouver

Our Story

Thanks for being here. 
We are here because we saw how awkward and inconvenient buying and selling thrift clothing can be - we want to put an end to sorting through racks and racks of clothing, standing in line and getting minimal earnings. 
Thrift Sister is here to pick-up your unwanted things and sell them for you and when you need styling help, our stylists pick clothing just for you. 




Thrift Sister is on a mission to help consumers rediscover the beauty in clothing. We aim to resell and donate your things back into the world.


Thrift Sister is part of a larger circular economy movement, which encourages everyone to live in a more collective & sharing economy.


We love finding & honouring things.

Think you have what it takes and want to join us?

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We are an early-stage company that is learning as fast as we can. We want to hear your ideas to help us meet the needs of thrift community.